How To Find The Right Chassis And Mounting Location

Matching the crane to the GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of your truck is one important step when you choose crane. Skipping this step may ruin your truck, the crane and endangering everyone involved.

Standard truck body choices typically include: mechanics service bodies with tool boxes, flat deck trucks for transport of material, or purpose built custom body trucks for your desired project.

Truck frame or truck body?

Next, both the truck frame and truck body are usable for mounting the crane. Either is sufficient and will get the quality job done. Before determining which way you want to mount it, make sure there is space behind the cab of the truck for frame crane mounting.

Flat deck crane mounting

Cranes can be placed anywhere on a flat deck truck with the control panel situated adjacently for easy motion from beside the vehicle. Additionally, wireless radio controls are an option for greater flexibility in where the operator is located. Whichever you choose, take careful time and precision in properly mounting the crane on the flat deck truck.